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    S4NET Broadband Services

    S4NET BRODBAND, is one of the largest independent wired Internet Service Provider in Pune. S4NET BRODBAND is one of the most experienced, advanced and innovative in the business, delivering state of the wireless technology and excellent services at the most competitive prices, with a portfolio of operations since 2010. Their quality Internet Speed & Excellent Customer Service are a talk of the town.

    S4NET BRODBAND currently provides Wired Internet Services under the brand name S4NET BRODBAND Digital Networks and is the largest Wireless Internet Network in pune. S4NET BRODBAND has today grown in size and reach with its wireless internet service being available in the SANGVI-PUNE.

    S4NET BRODBAND is aware of its role in bringing in the best possible wireless infotainment and service to the customers & communities it serves, through a conscious efforts investment in the latest technology and information the world has to offer. S4NET BRODBAND being a technology driven organization has an enviable reputation of providing high speed Internet access and excellent customer support.

    S4NET BRODBAND is a genuine provider of wired broadband network services.

    The company has now created Information Highway within SANGVI by it large wired network which is capable of providing high speed internet. S4NET BRODBAND, is one of Sangvi’s largest providers of Wireless Broadband Internet Service that explores the true potential of the Internet. It offers high speed, high quality, low cost and easy to use Internet connection at your home or business. S4NET BRODBAND keeps pace with the new, fast, and ever-changing world of Internet needs. The need to get easy, quick and uninterrupted access to the Internet is a reality with S4NET BRODBAND Broadband.

    S4NET BRODBAND Broadband is not just ahead of any other Internet Service today; it also has the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with your ever-increasing Internet needs, offering a flexible product range for high speeds.

    Why Choose S4NET Broadband ??

    • Unlimited Internet access for fixed amount
    • High uptime link ideal for 24X7 heavy internet usages
    • To suit various business needs
    • Ability to run multiple critical applications simultaneously

    • Symmetrical speeds for upload and download
    • Business continuity maintained through 24x7 help desk support
    • On-site technical support to solve critical issues
    • Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager to ensure

    Broadband Plans

    Data Transfer Plan
    Plan Data Transfer 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 360 Days
    1 mbps 10 GB ₹ 500/- ₹ 1400/- ₹ 2500/- ₹ 4800/-
    2 mbps 20 GB ₹ 650/- ₹ 1800/- ₹ 3500/- ₹ 5500/-
    5 mbps Unlimited ₹ 750/- ₹ 2100/- ₹ 3800/- ₹ 6500/-
    8 mbps Unlimited ₹ 900/- ₹ 2500/- ₹ 4800/- ₹ 6500/-
    10 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1050/- ₹ 2700/- ₹ 5100/- ₹ 9500/-
    15 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1200/- ₹ 3400/- ₹ 6200/- ₹ 10500/-
    20 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1350/- ₹ 3800/- ₹ 7100/- ₹ 12800/-
    30 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1500/- ₹ 4200/- ₹ 8100/- ₹ 15200/-
    50 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1750/- ₹ 5100/- ₹ 9900/- ₹ 18200/-
    Plan Data Transfer 30 Days 90 Days 180 Days 360 Days
    5 mbps Unlimited ₹ 885/- ₹ 2478/- ₹ 4484/- ₹ 7670/-
    10 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1239/- ₹ 3186/- ₹ 6018/- ₹ 11210/-
    25 mbps Unlimited ₹ 1652/- ₹ 4602/- ₹ 8496/- ₹ 15576/-
    50 mbps Unlimited ₹ 2065/- ₹ 6018/- ₹ 11682/- ₹ 21476/-

    We Offer Services

    WIFI Zone

    A wireless network is any type of computer network that uses wireless data connections for connecting network nodes. Wireless networking is a method by which homes, telecommunications networks and enterprise


    A leased line is a service contract between a provider and a customer, whereby the provider agrees to deliver a symmetric telecommunications line connecting two or more locations in exchange for a monthly


    we are trusted and authenticate wholesale dealer for all kind of routers and switches in sangvi, attractive discount is also there.

    24X7 support

    Whenever you want to install or buy our plans we are always there to serve you. Our team of highly technicians always ready to serve you better. We are available 24*7 for our users.

    Installation and Setup

    Complete installation of wireless network , leased line and all other network related devices. We have highly proffesional team of technicians who provide setup of network for our users.


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